ATEX Certified
Zone 1
IECEX Certified Lloyds Certified CE Certified

ATEX Torch

ATEX Torch
ATEX Torch
ATEX Torch

Key Features

  • T6 and T4 models
  • Simple, robust design
  • Ultimate halogen light output
  • High energy alkaline cell certified
  • ATEX explosive gas and dust approval
  • IECEx Scheme certified
  • Low power indicator option

The Wolf ATEX Safety Torch range offers the perfect answer for every Ex application, with reliable, simple and cost effective solutions. The range includes T4 and T6 models with straight or right-angle body style.

T4 models give outstanding light output using advanced, long life halogen or xenon bulbs, set in a high quality parabolic reflector, coupled with alkaline cell approval, giving up to 12 hours of light output. The T4+ halogen models are fitted with a low power warning circuit, illuminating a red indicator when battery voltage is low. Alternatively T6 approval allows use in any Zone 1 or 2 atmospheres, with optimum light output in this temperature class, and a 5 hour duration.

The Wolf ATEX Torch range is CE marked compliant with the 94/9/EC ATEX Explosive Atmospheres Equipment Directive. BASEEFA Certification is to the latest standards, for use in potentially explosive gas, vapour and mist atmospheres, zones 1 and 2, temperature class T6 or T4. Dust ignition protection covers use in zones 21 and 22, with the certified maximum surface temperatures of 65°C or 95°C. Temperature ambient use is from – 20°C to a maximum of 40°C or 55°C, as specified in the instructions. Models are also certified to the IECEx Scheme.

The compact Wolf ATEX Torch design has a high-grip ergonomic form with easy single handed switching, even with gloved hands. The torch body offers high strength, and proven impact resistance even at sub zero temperatures, using carefully selected thermoplastic resins with excellent chemical resistance. Additionally, the rubber armoured lens ring and end cap give enhanced grip and shock protection.The shatterproof polycarbonate lens has a scratch and chemical resistant coating.

The Wolf ATEX Torch range is sealed dust tight and protected from water immersion, with a certified IP67 enclosure. Right angle models incorporate a replaceable high strength thermoplastic belt clip for hands free use. Both models allow straightforward battery and bulb replacement, a spare bulb is fitted in the bulbholder for quick and convenient replacement. All models are supplied with wrist straps and clip rings.

TS-26 & TR-26
1.2W beam (approx 5°)
Peak luminous intensity at 5m 170 lux

TS-24 & TR-24
1.7W beam (approx 5°)
Peak luminous intensity at 5m 230 lux

TS-24+ & TR-24+
2.0W beam (approx 5°)
Peak luminous intensity at 5m 280 lux

Wolf Torches ATEX Torch Drawings

Product referenceTS-26TR-26TS-24TR-24TS-24+TR-24+
Product descriptionSafety Torch, Primary Cell Powered, Straight or Right-Angle
Straight T6R/Angle T6Straight T4R/Angle T4Straight T4+
with indicator
R/Angle T4+
with indicator
CodeAtexATEX Logo II 2 GD
Ex e ib IIC T6  Gb
Ex tD A21 IP67 T65°C Db
Ex e ib IIC T4 (Ta = 40/55°C) Gb
Ex tD A21 IP67 T95°C (Ta = 55°C) Db
IECEx-Ex e ib I/IIC T4 IP67/Ex tD A21 T95
Type of protectionIncreased safety, intrinsic safety
Area of classification (gas)Zones 1 & 2 Gas Groups IIA, IIB IIC
Max surface temp (gas)T6T4
Ambient temperature (gas)-20°C to +40°C-20°C to +40°C/+55°C
Area of classification (dust)Zones 21 and 22
Temperature class (dust)65°C95°C
Ambient temperature (dust)-20°C to +40°C-20°C to +55°C
CertificateBAS02ATEX2220X, IECEx TSA 05.0017X
EnclosureImpact resistant thermoplastic, electrostatic non-hazardous
LensPolycarbonate, impact resistant with hard coat
Beam typeMedium spot
Light source:Pt. no.TP-406TP-404TP-402
TypeVacuum filament bulbXenon filled filament bulbHalogen filled filament bulb
Rating2.4V, 0.5A2.4V, 0.7A2.4V, 0.83A
Output11.4 lm (at nom voltage)15 lm (at nom voltage)23 lm (at nom voltage)
Life15 hrs50 hrs30 hrs
Spare bulbTP-406TP-404TP-404
Power source: Pt. no.2 x T-20 (R20)2 x H-20 (LR20)
TypeR20 primary cells to IEC60086R20/LR20 primary cells to IEC60086
Volts2 x 1.5v2 x 1.5v
Light durationup to 5 hrsup to 12 hrsup to 10 hrs
Ingress protectionIP67
Weight (excl. cells)150g190g150g190g150g190g
Weight (inc. cells)350g390g450g490g450g490g
All information has been gathered under laboratory conditions, the user must regard the values given as approximate
Changes may be made to the above specification without notification, details are available on request.

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