ATEX Certified
Zone 0, Zone 1
IECEX Certified

ATEX LED Headtorch

ATEX LED Headtorch
ATEX LED Headtorch
ATEX LED Headtorch

Key Features

  • ATEX Directive Compliant
  • IECEx Scheme Certified
  • Explosive gas, vapour and mist certified
  • Models for use in Zone 1 and Zone 0 gas atmospheres
  • T3/T4 temperature class
  • High Power LED light source
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Single handed switching
  • Hands free operation
  • IP66 water and dust tight
  • Adjustable, removable headband
  • Supplied with helmet clips for hard hat use
  • Tilt adjustment for light direction
  • HT-650 Headtorch supplied with inert silicone rubber strap

The Wolf ATEX LED Headtorch range offers the perfect answer for applications where hands free lighting is essential, particularly where access is difficult, requiring climbing or crawling. They are ATEX approved for safe use in Zones 1 & 2 Hazardous Areas with the HT-650 certified for use in Zone 0 also.

The HT-400, HT-600 and HT-650 Headtorches have been Certified by Baseefa for use in explosive atmospheres. They are CE marked in compliance with the 94/9/EC (ATEX Equipment) Directive, for use in hazardous area activities within the EU. In addition they are IECEx Scheme certified for use in other countries throughout the world. The approval code allows the HT-400 and HT-600 to be used in Zones 1 & 2 hazardous areas with the HT-650 Certified for use in Zone 0 also. This approval code also covers all group II (industrial) gas apparatus groups, for potentially explosive gases, vapours and mists up to T4 temperature class, and group I M2 mining applications.

The HT-400 Headtorch is a mini, lightweight headtorch weighing only 90 grams including batteries, whilst the larger HT-600 and HT-650 models weigh 180 grams. They are all constructed from robust, highly durable, high impact thermoplastic materials which are chemical resistant and electrostatic non hazardous, and is fitted with a shatterproof polycarbonate lens. The headtorches have a tilt adjustment mechanism to allow the user to angle the light, and utilise bespoke optics for a broad spot beam suitable for close up hands free inspection and maintenance tasks.

The Wolf ATEX LED Headtorches have a long life, ‘fitted for life’, high power LED light source. The HT-400 has up to 75 lumens of light output, with an optimum light duration of approximately 8.5 hours a set of three AAA alkaline cells. The HT-600 and HT-650 has a more powerful light output of up to 130 lumens with an optimum light duration of approximately 17 hours from a set of three AA alkaline cells. The use of primary cells makes these product a more economical solution for personal lighting requirements in many applications arising in Hazardous Area confined spaces. The ATEX LED Headtorch range has been designed for single handed switching and is water and dust tight to a minimum of IP66.

The HT-400, HT-600 and HT-650 are supplied fitted with an adjustable removable fabric head band allowing the headtorch to be comfortably worn directly on the head for extended periods. A set of 4 helmet clips is supplied with the HT-400, HT-600 and HT-650 to allow the headtorch to be securely attached to a hardhat or safety helmet. The HT-650 is also supplied with an easy clean inert silicone rubber strap which allows the headtorch to grip to hard hats and safety helmets.

Wolf ATEX LED Headtorch HT-400

High Power LED spot beam (approx 20°)
Peak luminous intensity at 1m 381 lux, at 2.5m 52 lux

Extra wide angle fringe beam (approx 85°)
Peak luminous intensity at 1m 25 lux, at 2.5m 6 lux

HT 400 Light Output and Line Drawing

Wolf ATEX LED Headtorch HT-600/HT-650

High Power LED spot beam (approx 22°)
Peak luminous intensity at 1m 493 lux, at 2.5m 67 lux

Extra wide angle fringe beam (approx 100°)
Peak luminous intensity at 1m 32 lux, at 2.5m 8 lux

HT 650 Light Output and Line drawing

Product referenceHT-400HT-600HT-650
Product descriptionMini ATEX LED Headtorch,
Mini - Zone 1 - LED - Up to 75lm
Gas Zone: 1 and 2
Dust Zone: 21 and 22
ATEX LED Headtorch,
Zone 1
ATEX LED Headtorch,
Zone 0 - LED - Up to 130lm
Gas Zone: 0, 1 and 2
Dust Zone: 20, 21 and 22
CodeIndustrialII 2 GD Ex ib IIC T4 Gb IP66 / Ex ib IIIB T125°C DbII 2 G Ex ib IIC T4/T3 Gb IP66II 1 GD Ex ia IIC T4/T3 Ga IP66 / Ex ia IIIB T155°C Da
MiningI M2 Ex ib I Mb IP66I M2 Ex ib I Mb IP66I M1 Ex ia IMa IP66
Type of protection'ib' Intrinsic Safety'ib' Intrinsic Safety'ia' Intrinsic Safety
Area of Classification (Gas) Zones 1 and 2,
Gas groups IIA, IIB, IIC
Zones 1 and 2,
Gas groups IIA, IIB, IIC
Zones 0, 1 and 2,
Gas groups IIA, IIB, IIC
Temp. Classification (Gas) T4T4/T3
Ambient temperature-20°C to +40°C
Area of Classification (Dust)Zones 21 and 22
Zones 20, 21 and 22
Max Surface Temp. (Dust)125°C155°C
IECEx BAS 10.0023
EnclosureHigh impact thermoplastic, chemical resistant,
electrostatic non-hazardous
LensShatterproof polycarbonate
Beam typeBroad spot with wide angle fringe light
Light source:TypeHigh power LED
OutputUp to 75 lmUp to 130 lm
Life25,000+ hours (fitted for life)
Power source: Pt. no.3 x LT-401 (LR03 Cells)3 x HT-210 (LR6 Cells)
TypeLR03 primary cells, to IEC 60086, Alkaline AAALR6 primary cells, to IEC 60086, Alkaline AA
Volts3 x 1.5v3 x 1.5v
Light durationUp to 8.5 hoursUp to 17 hours
Ingress protectionIP66IP66
Weight (inc. cells)0.090Kg0.180kg
All information has been gathered under laboratory conditions, the user must regard the values given as approximate
Changes may be made to the above specification without notification, details are available on request.

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